Graduate Curriculum Committee Membership

Voting Members

College of Arts and Letters
Graham, Richard
Morgan, Greg

School of Engineering & Science
Ackora, Pinar (CEMS)
Comaniciu, Cristina (CPE)
Esche, Sven (ME)
Leopold, Philip (CCBBME)
Hassiotis, Sophia (CEOE)
Duchamp, Dan (CS)
Zabarankin, Michael (MATH)
Yu, Ting (PHYSICS)

School of Technology Management
Koeller, Timothy 
Lechler, Thomas
Zur Muehlen, Michael

School of Systems and Enterprises
Cloutier, Robert
Mansouri, Mo 

Non voting members

Office of Graduate Academics
Suffel, Charles (Chair)

Office of the Registrar
Castiglione, Thomas (Registrar)

Student Representatives
Heinig, Monika (MATH)
Engling, Michael (CS)

Invited to attend

Smith, Scott (Head of Acquisitions & Collections Development)

Office of Graduate Academics
Romano, Lena (Scriber)

Office of Graduate Admissions
Sivadasan, Shobi (Associate Dean of Graduate Admissions)
Yao, Jennifer (Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions)

Office of International Student and Scholar Services
Clausen, Doris (Director, ISSS)
Gill, Elizabeth (Associate Director, ISSS)

Office of the Registrar
Liberatore, Gaetano (Assistant Registrar - Data Manager)

Zotti, Robert (Assistant Dean)