The Office of Undergraduate Academics provides academic advising and support to the entire undergraduate student body, as well as support to faculty and staff in matters related to academic policy and procedure.

We are available to assist students with special enrollment issues such as credit overloads, special permissions, undergraduate student enrollment in graduate courses, and scheduling problems.  Our office administers the Academic Support Program, which serves students who have been placed on Academic Probation.  We provide general academic advising in addition to the concentration-specific guidance provided to students by their faculty mentors or advisors.

Our staff strives to ease the challenges encountered by Stevens students, and to assist them in realizing their highest scholastic potential. If you are an undergraduate student with an academic question or problem and you are not sure where to go for assistance, our office is a good place to start.



Erol Cesmebasi

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academics & Adjunct Professor

Rosemary Dice

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academics

Kamal Tamna

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Academics and Director of Academic Support Center

Joel Todd

Assistant Director- Undergraduate Academics

Patricia Alvarez

Coordinator - Undergraduate Academics

Anne Stillwaggon

Assistant to the Deans - Undergraduate Academics