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Gregory Morgan

Building: Peirce
Room: 209
Phone: 201.216.5402
Fax: 201.216.8245
Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. (Philosophy) 2005, Johns Hopkins University

M.A. (Philosophy) 2002, Johns Hopkins University

M.S. (Molecular Biology) 1998, University of Pittsburgh

M.A. (History and Philosophy of Science) 1997, University of Pittsburgh

Dip.Grad. (Medical Ethics) 1993, University of Otago, New Zealand

B.S. (Biochemistry) 1992, University of Otago, New Zealand

B.A. (Economics) 1992, University of Otago, New Zealand


I work in the History and Philosophy of Science, especially the History and Philosophy of Biology, Environmental Ethics, and Business Ethics.

The central thrust of my past research concerned the history of early structural virology and I have explored various philosophical issues raised by the history.

My current research project, "Cancer Virus Hunters" is a book-length work on the history of tumor virology, the study of viruses that cause cancer.

General Information

Prior to working at Stevens I was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL

Institutional Service

Graduate Curriculum Committee (2009-present)

Honors & Awards

Phi Beta Kappa for the PhD.

Co-winner of the History of Science Society's 2009 Price-Webster Award for best article in Isis.

2012-13 Sydney Brenner Scholar at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library and Archives and Genentech Center for History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Professional Societies

American Philosophical Association

Philosophy of Science Association

International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology 

Grants, Contracts & Funds

NSF doctoral improvement award

Selected Publications
  1. Gregory J. Morgan. "Ludwik Gross, Sarah Stewart, Bernice Eddy and the Discoveries of Gross Leukemia Virus and Polyoma Virus, Studies in History and Philosophy of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences", (expected 2014-15).
  2. Gregory J. Morgan. (2013). "Scientific Values and Civic Virtues ed. Noretta Koertge", Mind, 122 1120-1124.
  3. Gregory J. Morgan. (2013). "The Value of Beauty in Theory Pursuit: Kuhn, Duhem, and Decision Theory", Open Journal of Philosophy, 3 9-14.
  4. Gregory J. Morgan. (2011). "Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth", The Quarterly Review of Biology, 86 134-135.
  5. Anglea N H Creager and Gregory J Morgan. (2008). "After the Double Helix: Rosalind Franklin's research on Tobacco Mosaic Virus", Isis, 99 239-272.
  6. Gregory J Morgan & W Brad Pitts. (2008). "Evolution without Species: The Case of Mosaic Bacteriophges", British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 59 745-765.
  7. Gregory J Morgan. (2009). "The Many Dimensions of Biodiversity", Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 40 235-238.
  8. Gregory J Morgan. (2010). "Is Science Value Free: Heather Douglas, Science Policy and the Value Free Ideal", Science and Engineering Ethics, 16 423-426.
  9. Gregory J Morgan. (2010). "Laws of Biological Design: A Reply to John Beatty", Biology and Philosophy, 25 379-389.
  10. Gregory J Morgan. (2010). "Evaluating Maclaurin and Sterelney's conception of biodiversity in cases of frequent promiscuous lateral gene transfer", Biology and Philosophy, 25 603-621.
Book Chapters
  1. Gregory J. Morgan. (2013). "Linus Pauling, Leading Exporter of Chemical Concepts", Oren Harman and Michael Dietrich (eds.) Outsider Scientists: Routes to Innovation in Biology, University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  1. Gregory J. Morgan ed. (2011). Philosophy of Science Matters: The Philosophy of Peter Achinstein, Oxford University Press.
  • HPL 111 Philosophy I: Theories of Human Nature
  • HPL 112 Science and Metaphysics
  • HPL 339 Ethics
  • HPL 480 Environmental Policy: Philosophical and Economic Issues
  • HPL 380 Environmental Ethics
  • CAL 539 Foundations of Ethics
  • CAL 556 Ethics of Business & Technology
  • CAL 580 Environmental Ethics
  • CAL 581 Environmental Policy
  • CAL 105 CAL Colloquium: Knowledge, Nature, Culture