Fall 2015 Review Sessions

Review Sessions: FALL 2015

CH115 Chemistry I

Date: Sunday, December 6

Time: 7:00PM Room: K228

CS115 Intro to Comp Sci

Date: Sunday, November 29

Time: 5:00PM Room: B118

MA121 Calculus 1A

Date: Sunday, November 15

Time: 7:00PM Room: B118

MA122 Calculus 1B
Date:  Sunday, November 15

Time: 7:00PM Room: K228

MA124 Calculus 2B

Date: Tuesday, November 17
Time: 9:00PM Room: K228

PEP111 Mechanics

Date: Wednesday, December 9

Time: 9:00PM Room: K228

PEP112 Electricity & Magnetism

Date: Wednesday, November 18

Time: 9:00PM Room: K228


The goal of a review session is to provide the student with additional insight into material previously presented in class. It is intended solely as a review, not as a substitute for attending class or preparing on your own.