Request a Tutor

Before completing your “Tutor Request”, you must carefully read the following responsibilities and the requirements regarding the free tutoring services provided by the Academic Support Center.

Tutoring Regulations

Tutoring is provided free of charge for all Stevens undergraduates. (Graduate students are not eligible for tutoring as they are expected to be properly prepared and self-sufficient at said level of academic study.)

You may only receive tutoring for a course in which you are currently registered.

ALL TUTORS ARE RANDOMLY ASSIGNED. ASC does not take tutor specific tutor requests.

Tutors are available for most freshman and sophomore technical courses. (Tutoring is not provided for Humanities courses. Students specifically seeking writing assistance should contact the Writing and Communications Center located in Morton 210.)

The maximum limit for tutoring each semester is as follows:

2 hours per day per subject per tutee
4 hours per week per subject per tutee
30 hours per summer session per subject per tutee

ALL tutoring is required to take place at the Samuel C. Williams Library during its normal hours of operation. Both the tutor and the tutee(s) must have their Stevens Student ID Card ?swiped? upon entering the library prior to starting the tutoring session.

At the end of the tutoring session, be sure to sign the Weekly Session Log that your tutor should have with him/her.

Tutoring Expectation

  • A tutor can supplement your classroom experience by helping you to understand subject matter which may be unclear.
  • Tutors do not give answers, but rather help you to find the answers for yourself.
  • If giving an answer is necessary, the tutor will explain how it was reached.
  • It is the tutor's responsibility to help you to learn on your own.
  • Tutors provide an open environment in which learning can take place.
  • The tutoring session begins by determining the level at which you are having difficulty, and the tutor then works to raise your level of understanding of a particular subject to the same level as his or her own.

Responsibilities During Tutoring Sessions

Once you have been provided with a tutor’s contact information, you must contact your tutor within 24 hours to make arrangements for tutoring.

Tutoring must take place in the Samuel C. Williams Library and both the tutor and the tutee(s) must have their Stevens ID Card “swiped” upon entering the library prior to starting the tutoring session.

Each time you meet with your tutor, you should be prepared to provide clear evidence that you have made a serious and determined effort to master the course work on your own beforehand. If your academic responsibilities are not approached in a serious, responsible manner, you will be prohibited from using the tutoring services provided by the Academic Support Center.

In order to obtain the greatest benefit from your tutoring session, you must commit to the following terms:

  • Be punctual for the tutoring session.
  • Be prepared for the session, and bring related assignments, textbook, class notes, etc. with you.
  • Attempt to do all homework assignments prior to the session.
  • Be prepared to ask specific questions, especially those indicating your basic comprehension of the material.
  • Be prepared to be an active participant during the tutoring session. You are responsible for carrying on most of the discussion during the session, not the tutor.
  • Attend class on a regular basis. Students attempting to use tutoring as a substitute for attending class will be prohibited from future use of the tutoring program.
  • Make additional academic efforts toward gaining a better understanding of your studies. Attend professor’s office hours, ASC review sessions, and relevant study skills and academic success workshops.

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Setting Up A Tutoring Session

As tutors are also students, it is unreasonable to expect a tutor to meet with you with less than 24 hours advance notice, so please plan accordingly. Tutors cannot meet with students establishing their initial contact less than 48-hours prior to a quiz, test, or exam.

If you have any difficulty reaching your tutor or should any other problems develop, please contact the Academic Support Center at 201-216-8248 or [email protected].