A private technology research university led by Dr. Nariman Farvardin, a determined president with a vision for excellence, Stevens Institute of Technology is experiencing unprecedented growth and accelerating success.

During his first year as President, Dr. Farvardin brought the entire university community together to chart a strategic course for the university’s future. By engaging the community in a concerted, transparent planning exercise, a sense of ownership, purpose and destination began to take hold. During the five years since, the disciplined implementation of this strategic plan – requiring high levels of cross-functional engagement, re-envisioned objectives, clear metrics and regular reporting – has kept the university on course, charging forward with a shared vision. Milestone tracking and specific metrics reveal a university that has experienced a turnaround during that five-year period – a university on the rise, in an increasingly competitive higher education environment.

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Five-Year Progress Report

A University on the Rise

This five-year progress report details the measurable progress accomplished during a short, but critical period of time at Stevens Institute of Technology. The university’s strategic priorities and core principles of student centricity, excellence, thorough technological integration and collaborative impact have continually guided this journey on an upward trajectory.

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Progress Highlights

Metrics tracked across all key areas of the university demonstrate steady progress, positive momentum and a clear upward trajectory.

Stevens By the Numbers