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Cybersecurity Risk Management Graduate Certificate

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The rapid introduction of new technologies into the enterprise has helped companies enter new markets, connect with customers in more meaningful ways and seize new opportunities. But these advantages have also introduced new risks and vulnerabilities, with interconnected networks offering multiple points of entry for dedicated attackers searching for valuable data. The management of cybersecurity risk has become a core operational concern, requiring an effective partnership of both business and technical leaders within the organization, as well as effective collaboration with external parties — including interconnected business partners and customers.

Stevens brings an established tradition of leadership in cybersecurity to its interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Cybersecurity Risk Management. This program is designed to demonstrate methods to analyze cybersecurity risks in organizations using a multidisciplinary approach, including the examination of fundamentals; prevailing legal and regulatory frameworks; and risk analysis techniques to provide a basis for understanding the nature and technical complexities of interconnected, and therefore interdependent, systems, organizations, and markets. The curriculum's mix of business and computer science classes positions students to become leaders capable of shaping cyber strategy across the enterprise.

This certificate consists of four courses. Choose one of the following options:



MIS 645

Cybersecurity Principles for Managers

CS 506

Introduction to IT Security

CS 594

Enterprise and Cloud Security

 Students also choose any three of the following to complete the certificate:



CS 595

Information Security and the Law

CS 578

Privacy in a Networked World

FIN 545

Risk Management for Financial Cybersecurity

TM 610

Business Information Networks