Deborah Sinnreich-Levi (dsinnrei)

Deborah Sinnreich-Levi

Associate Professor

School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Morton 327
(201) 216-8245


  • PhD (1987) The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY (Comparative Literature)
  • MA (1986) The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY (Comparative Literature)
  • Other (1985) The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY (Comparative Literature)
  • Other (1980) UC, Berkeley (Latin)
  • BA (1978) Queens College, CUNY (Double degree: Comparative Literature and French; magna cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa)


Eustache Deschamps Medieval comparative literature especially 14th century French poeticsRhetoric, composition and professional communications

General Information

Much of my research has focused on the 14th century poet Eustache Deschamps and includes editions and translations -- the first into English -- of this important poet. Deschamps wrote the first ars poetica in French in 1392 almost 200 years before the first such English treatise. Contemporaneous with Chaucer, Machaut and Christine de Pizan, Deschamps was a courtier-poet who knew the most powerful political people of his day. My work also includes edited collections on medieval rhetorical practices. Finally, as director of graduate and undergraduate writing and communications programs, I have been interested in rhetoric and composition especially in technical situations and assisted by new technologies.


Stevens Institute of Technology

1995-pr Associate Professor

1990-1995 Assistant Professor

2009-2013 Dir, Academic Writing Programs

2001-2012 Dir, Graduate Certificate Program in Professional Communications

1993-2009 Dir, Samuel, Minerva and David Lee Humanities Resource Center

1990-2009 Dir, Writing Programs

1990-91 Dir, Graduate E.S.L. Program

New York Institute of Technology

1989 Assistant Professor, English Department, New York Institute of Technology
Baruch College, C.U.N.Y.

Jan. 1989 Deputy Dir, I.B.S.I.P., (Intersession Basic Skills Immersion Program), English Department,

1987-1989 Assistant Professor & Chief Reader

1987 Instructor

Institutional Service

  • Impact of Generative AI on assessement Chair
  • Transfer credit evaluation Member
  • CAL P&T Committee Chair
  • Chair, Expanded CAL P&T Committee Chair
  • CAL Nominating Unit Member
  • LIterature Search Committee Member
  • ad hoc Committee on General Education Chair
  • Institute Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Benefits Committee Member
  • Faculty and Staff Club Chair
  • GSAIB, Graduate Student Academic Integrity Board Chair
  • GCC Member
  • AoA sub committee on promotions Chair

Professional Service

  • The Once and Future Classroom Associate Editor
  • TEAMS Member, Board of Vice President
  • NEH Reviewer

Consulting Service

I have offered workshops on professional communication to government, business and industry on behalf of the Institute.


I have supervised over 50 bachelor's theses in Literature and Communications. I have also served as an advisor on some half dozen PhD dissertations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For several years, beginning in 2002, I have had Technogenesis students working on digitizing the collected works of Eustache Deschamps. All 11 volumes of the poet's work have been digitized, and are searchable in a database that continues to be the subject of student research. Students have not only been awarded summer Technogenesis support, but have earned class credit for database management both as part or all of a Computer Science course. In addition, one student wrote her BA thesis on the digitizing of this collection.

Honors and Awards

2009 $6705 Technogenesis Summer Scholar Prize2005 $5,700 Technogenesis Summer Scholars Prize2004 $11,400 Technogenesis Summer Prize2003 $1,000 Jess H. David Memorial Research Award2003 $14,250 Technogenesis Summer Scholars/Summer Prize2002 $9,500 Technogenesis Summer Scholars/Summer Prize2001 $9,500 Technogenesis Summer Scholars1998 "Outstanding Professor" Award1997 Alexander Crombie Humphreys Assoc. Prof. Distinguished Teaching Award

Professional Societies

  • medtxt-l – MEDTXT-L, Medieval Philology, Codicology, and Technology List Member
  • MLA – Modern Language Association Member
  • The Once and Future Classroom -- Associate Editor Fellow
  • TEAMS – TEAMS -- Teaching Association for Medieval Studies VICE PRESIDENT Fellow
  • ChaucerNet Member

Grants, Contracts and Funds

2015 $99,000 NEH Scholarly Editions and Translations Award

2014 Sabbatical to work on Eustache Deschamps Miroir de mariage

2009 $25,000 from Engineering Information Foundation for a grant studying how to help engineers communicate with lay audiences

1997 $10,000 for the Humanities Resource Center from the Hyde & Watson Foundations

1993-94 $25,000 for a Russian Cultural Exchange Program from the Greve Foundation

1993 $100,000 for the Samuel, Minerva and David Lee Humanities Resource Center

1993 $25,000 for the Humanities Resource Center's construction from John Kidde

1992 $50,000 for the Humanities Resource Center from the Charles Hayden Foundation

Selected Publications

Book Chapter

  1. Sinnreich-Levi, D. M. (2004). "Medicine and Music, Hygiene and Poetry: L'Art de dictier Revisited" . Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800. (pp. 55-59). Gale Research.

Conference Proceeding

  1. Sinnreich-Levi, D. M. (2010). “Improving the Ability of Engineering Students to Communicate with Non-Technical Audiences,” . ASEE Conference Proceedings.

Journal Article

  1. Sinnreich-Levi, D. M. (2017). La Poétique des Œuvres complètes d’Eustache Deschamps (ms. BnF fr. 840): Composition et variation formelle. Clotilde Dauphant. Nouvelle Bibliothèque du Moyen Âge 114. Paris: Honoré Champion, 2015. 568 pp. €85.. Renaissance Quarterly (4 ed., vol. 70, pp. 1639-1640). Cambridge University Press (CUP).
  2. Sinnreich-Levi, D. M. (2013). Karin Becker. Le lyrisme d’Eustache Deschamps: Entre poésie et pragmatisme. Recherches littéraires médiévales 12. Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2012. 264 pp. €29. ISBN: 978–2–8124–0609–6.. Renaissance Quarterly (3 ed., vol. 66, pp. 1104-1106). Cambridge University Press (CUP).
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