Project Management Office

The One IT Project Management Office (PMO) champions consistent project management practices which helps Stevens Institute of Technology fulfill its mission and strategic goals. 

The mission of the One IT Project Management Office (PMO) is to intake and execute a technology portfolio of initiatives and projects. The PMO’s primary responsibility is to ensure that projects are completed within scope, budget, and on schedule. The PMO is responsible for establishing and implementing best practices for the benefit of Stevens in a way that encourages collaboration, standardization, and overall improvement in our services. 

What is a Project?

What is a Service?

project is a “temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.” - Project Management Institute 

service is a function or process (or a set of related functions and processes) provided on an ongoing, duplicable basis to a set of clients. Request a service visit the Stevens Support Portal.

Requesting a Project 

All Stevens stakeholders requesting a new project are required to submit a Project Request Form. 

Before you submit a project request, it is important to determine what the project will produce and to have a clear vision of the end result. Be prepared to provide the following information so that your project can be fully assessed: 

  • Description of the business need: Why the project is necessary and how it will benefit Stevens? 

  • Requested schedule: When is the proposed solution needed? 

  • Cost/Funding source: Has a funding source been identified and approved? 

After the Project Request Form has been submitted the PMO will work with you to clarify your specific needs and gather additional information as necessary. The PMO will review requests to determine alignment with Stevens strategic goals, technical feasibility, scheduling and availability of required resources. 

Project Partnership 

All projects with IT components are run under a partnership model called “Two-In-The-Box”. This model establishes and assigns two core roles (Business Lead and IT Technical Lead) to projects. This ensures there is one single point of coordination for all business and IT activities. 

Business Lead vs. IT Lead Graphic

Managing a Project

All projects are unique and take on different forms that present many degrees of uncertainty. Managing these projects dictate that organizations divide them into manageable pieces called project phases. Collectively, these phases are known as the project life cycle. The project life cycle is divided into four project phases that are listed below: 

Project Lifecycle Flow 

All projects will follow the project lifecycle steps shown in the flowchart below. 

Project Lifecycle Flow Diagram

Project Terminology

IT Project Management Team

Maryam Mirza, Senior Director IT, Client Experiences and Strategic Initiatives, [email protected]

Sana Michael, IT Project Manager, [email protected]

Mahnoor Nizam, Associate IT Project Manager, [email protected]

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