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April 30, 2021 Virtual via Zoom

Cybersecurity in the Maritime Transportation System (MTS) and Other Critical Infrastructure

The workshop aims to inspire curriculum and program development in the areas of maritime and critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Topics addressed include an Overview of the MTS, Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure, Recent Cyber Attacks, and Mitigation Strategies.

MSI and Community College STEM Educators

May 29, 2020 Virtual via Zoom

Maritime Cybersecurity

The workshop seeks to build greater awareness of the maritime sector as a critical component of the global economy and to provide educators from a broad base of disciplines with maritime cyber curriculum materials that may be used in their own programs of study.  

MSI and Community College STEM Educators

March 22, 2019 Stevens Institute

Fundamentals of Sensing Technologies

The workshop was developed to provide STEM educators with resource materials that can be tailored and integrated into their own programs of study.  In addition to learning about different types of sensors, workshop participants will engage in hands-on activities and will meet with representatives from the USCG to learn how sensor technologies are utilized in search and rescue missions. 

MSI, Community College, and K-12 STEM Educators

June 8, 2018 Stevens Institute

Environmental Data Collection and STEM Education

The "teach the teacher" workshop focuses on the impacts of extreme weather events on urban coastal communities. Participants will receive curriculum materials and instruction on how to collect, track and report daily environmental conditions in their communities.  USCG personnel will provide perspectives and insight into Coast Guard operations during extreme weather conditions.

MSI, Community College, and K-12 Educators


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