Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Academics

Our graduate degree offerings provide research opportunities of great variety and scope. They also offer an unusual receptivity to different kinds of research interests, from the most immediate and practical to the highly theoretical. Faculty and students collaborate on joint educational and research programs. The close proximity of these disciplines encourages cooperation, and provides access to equipment and expertise not usually available within a single department.

In addition to the degree programs, the chemistry and chemical biology department offers graduate certificates programs designed to train students with specific, highly desirable professional skills. Taught by faculty with more than 50 years of real-world drug discovery and development experience working as leading scientists and managers at well-known companies in the industry.

These graduate certificate programs are made up of regular graduate courses and are encouraged to be used as areas of specialization for the Master of Science program in chemistry or chemical biology.

Lectures and Seminars

Periodically, we invite a preeminent scientist for a sequence of informal talks and formal lectures. Previous lecturers have included Kenneth Pitzer and Herman Mark and the Nobelists William Lipscomb, Sir Derek Barton, Ilya Prigogine, Arthur Kornberg, Rosalyn Yalow, Sidney Altman and George Palade. The Stivala Lectures in Chemistry invites an outstanding scientist for a day of lectures and discussions on timely topics in chemistry. Dr. James Cooper established this lecture series in memory of his father Charles Cooper, who was a close friend of Professor Salvatore Stivala, a professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at Stevens.

Awareness of recent developments in your field is an important component of professional development. Therefore, attendance at seminars is required of all graduate students enrolled full-time in degree programs, and all doctoral students.

My current research focuses on elucidating the true intracellular nature of a prominent enzyme, the mutations of which are strongly implicated in cancer. I am extremely grateful to be in an environment that can give me the tools that I need to make discoveries. – Patrick De Paolo, Ph.D. Chemical Biology

Research and Teaching

Our programs, which are leading drug discovery exploration, offer interdisciplinary training, rigorous theoretical instruction, and invaluable mentorship and research opportunities. You’ll have access to our premier research labs and centers, where prominent professors will direct the hands-on experience that is so highly valued by today’s leading employers.

Program graduates are ideally positioned for careers at the cutting edge of chemistry and chemical biology, from drug discovery and medicinal chemistry to materials science within academic, government and national labs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as legal and patent offices.

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