The Freshman Experience

In an effort to build a sense of community and collegiality among the Freshman class, while giving students the intellectual foundation and skills they need to flourish throughout their lives, the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) at Stevens Institute of Technology presents The Freshman Experience.

Every new student at Stevens takes two common courses, CAL 103: Writing and Communications and CAL 105: Knowledge, Nature, and Culture.

Together these courses provide students with the foundation they need to become reflective, critical, expressive and articulate, intellectually confident, and truly innovative. It also helps them become oriented to college life while giving them a common base across majors and schools, enabling them to build a sense of solidarity and community.

Both courses comprising the Freshman Experience at Stevens follow common syllabi and make use of the same textbooks, which means that every Stevens Freshman reads and discusses the same material, regardless of section or instructor. This allows students to engage in discussions and debates about the material outside the classroom. The text for CAL 105 has been published by Stevens and is given to all incoming students as our gift.