Forever Ducks Ambassadors

Building Culture, Preserving Traditions

Graduating students walk on Wittpenn Walk with Attila and cheering crowds

The Forever Ducks Ambassadors (4Ds) are a select group of undergraduate students managed by the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement who serve as liaisons within the university’s alumni community. 4Ds are passionate about all things Stevens, eager to engage with the alumni community and ready to promote school spirit and Stevens traditions across campus.


The Forever Ducks program focuses on providing students with opportunities to acquire and sharpen leadership and communication skills while building their personal and professional network with alumni and other student leaders. Participants receive formal training and in-person and virtual opportunities, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to alumni, parents, and friends of Stevens through invitation-only programs and events

  • Potential opportunities to travel on behalf of Stevens

  • Resume-boosting skills and volunteer experience

  • Lessons on best practices for managing situations such as meetings, professional interviews, and dinner events

  • Opportunities to meet new people and interact with peers

Leadership Opportunities

Staff Contact

Thomas Gaudet (he/him)
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Engagement
[email protected] | 201.216.3892