Engineering Core Curriculum

Stevens strives to build the complete engineer with a broad-based education that includes a strong core engineering curriculum that teaches the pertinent fundamentals of engineering to all engineering majors and produces well-rounded engineers.

This core curriculum includes:

  • A unique, design-focused, hands-on course every semester

  • Flexibility in the curriculum through general electives

  • Math and science courses in engineering curriculum exceeds accreditation requirements

  • Social sciences, arts, humanities and writing intensive courses

  • Innovation and entrepreneurial thinking that starts in the freshman year

The Design Spine

At the heart of the core engineering curriculum is a series of eight design courses called the Design Spine that makes a Stevens student uniquely prepared for the global workforce.

The Design Spine teaches students to synthesize, analyze and optimize solutions for open-ended and societally impactful problems.Design spine courses are taught by faculty with considerable industry experience and closely coupled to fundamental engineering courses like mechanics, circuits and materials and the design projects are conducted in conjunction with lecture-based education.

These courses also develop skills in creative thinking, problem solving with software based simulations, teamwork, economics of engineering, project management, communication skills, ethics, and environmental awareness which graduates will need to be successful on the job.

Design spine courses offer teamwork experiences each semester, preparing graduates to successfully collaborate in the workforce.

Innovation And Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Capstone Design Courses

As part of the innovation and entrepreneurial thinking components of the curriculum, students will design a project as a solution to a real-world problem that has significant societal value and present it at the annual Innovation Expo. During the expo, students compete in the Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition where they prepare and deliver an elevator pitch for a business based on the respective senior design project, with the opportunity to win a $10,000 first prize.

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Senior Design projects are on full display at the 2022 Innovation Expo.