Department of Mathematical Sciences Graduate Academics

The graduate degree programs in the Department of Mathematical Sciences provide you with the foundational skills, knowledge, and research expertise to prepare for professional success.

Recognizing that the study of math is the foundation of many scientific and engineering disciplines, we are committed to supporting the kind of mathematics-related fundamentals that our graduate students need to address the toughest challenges facing industry, business, and society. A case in point: the Algebraic Cryptography Center, a multidisciplinary initiative between the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science dedicated to applying new computational algebra techniques to practical problems in cryptography and cryptanalysis.

Proximity to New York City, a major industry hub, provides innumerable professional opportunities for program graduates to build promising careers in academia and a diverse spectrum of industries, including aerospace engineering, bioinformatics, cryptography, data mining, environmental science, finance, healthcare, materials science, pharmaceutical statistics, and wireless communications.

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