Department of Computer Science Graduate Academics

In the Department of Computer Science, you’ll have the flexibility to pursue research opportunities in dynamic, competitive fields ranging from cryptography, machine learning, and cybersecurity to visual computing, media production, and delivery. Working in exceptional facilities, such as the Stevens Center for the Advancement of Secure Systems and Information Assurance, with experts in the field who boast strong ties to industry, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to fuel success in careers ranging from computer systems analyst and cloud architect to software engineer and forensics expert.

Stevens’ location, just minutes from many Manhattan Fortune 500 company headquarters and tech startups, connects you with networking and employment opportunities unavailable anywhere else in the country.

Our faculty publish in top journals, receive funding from the most competitive agencies, and collaborate regularly with colleagues throughout the greater New York City area. The university's researchers consult with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, and other top industry labs.

The M.S. degree with optional concentrations provides elite training for both professional careers and further study or research within academia. The Stevens Ph.D. prepares students for careers conducting research at the head of the field. Ph.D. students are fully funded.

Stevens has an impeccable reputation in technical industries, and I believe the knowledge and understanding I’m partaking in is second to none. The professors are extremely knowledgeable in what they teach. This has allowed me to learn much more than just what was taught in class. All the professors I had have one common theme: they want students to succeed. – Mark Wilson, M.S. Cybersecurity

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