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SHARRPI (Stevens Handbook of Research Roles Processes and Information)

The Stevens HAndbook of Research Roles Processes and Information (SHARRPI) is prepared to provide information and assistance to the campus on research-related processes. The SHARPPIs address a variety of needs: they respond to requirements and regulations imposed by funding entities; they may be the result of the need to collect and report data; or they may respond to institutional policies and procedures. As the name suggests, SHARPPIs can address the need follow a specific process or procedure, or they may provide information. Where there is a combination of actions needed in order to complete the process, i.e., the principal investigator or department acting in concert with OSP, then all related processes will be included in the SHARPPI. 

Questions should be directed to 201.216.5710

NOTE: Most SHARPPIs are being revised to reflect the federal government’s recent implementation of the Uniform Guidance as a replacement for Circulars A-21, A-110 and A-133. This section will be under revision for several weeks.