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Sponsored Programs

Post-Award Policies

Materials shown in this section are policies created and approved by the University Policy Task Force.  This group is charged by the Provost with creation of institutional level polices that have also been reviewed and approved by other relevant university bodies such as the Academic Council, the Administrative Council and the Faculty Senate.  Most research-specific processes and guidance are found in the “Resources-Guidelines-Processes” section of this webpage.

10.3           Conflict of Interest

10.4           Policy on Research Misconduct

10.5           Drug Free Workplace Policy

60.1.1        Petty Cash Funds

60.2           Consulting and Independent Personnel Services

60.4           Business & Travel Expense (effective February 1, 2013)

60.5.1        Procurement Policy

80.1           General Principles & Policy Guidelines for Sponsored Research

80.3           Consistent Treatment of Cost

80.4           Managing Program Income Earned On Federally Funded Research

80.5           Research Relationship with Outside Entities

80.6           Animals used in Research and Teaching

80.7           Human Subjects in Research

80.8           Research Data

80.9            Laboratory Notebooks and Research Records