Office of
Sponsored Programs

About OSP

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) provides assistance to the Stevens research community and other central business functions as it pertains to sponsored projects.  To that end the office consists of four major focus areas:

  • Preaward Operations - helps identify funding opportunities; assists in proposal preparation; interfaces with sponsors; and submits all proposals to prospective sponsors.
  • Contracts and Export Controls – reviews and negotiates contracts with external sponsors and provides expertise to the campus in all matters related to export controls.
  • Research Data, Audit and Compliance – accumulates, manages and reports all research data; manages and ensures compliance with all required compliance; engages in a monthly and on-going quality control assessment of stated processes and regulatory requirements.
  • Postaward Operations – establishes accounts in COEUS and KUALI; reviews expenditure documents; submits all required bills and reports and engages account closeout process.


Preaward and Development, also known as the Faculty Support Center, is located in the E. A Stevens Building on the 4th floor among its faculty constituency and is staffed from 9:00-5:00 each day.

Contract Review, Research Data and Compliance and Postaward Operations are located in the Wesley J. Howe Center on the 9th floor, immediately to the right when exiting the elevators.  These OSP functions are staffed from 9:00-5:00 each day. 


Clicking on the hyperlinked organization chart gives you with an overview of the office construction, existing staff members and a short explanation of activities and general services provided by each function.  Looking at the org chart, you can link to individual staff and their respective contact information.