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Sponsored Programs

Award Capture Team (ACT)

The Vice Provost for Research, having established a goal of $100M in sponsored awards by 2020, has formed an “Award Capture Team" (ACT).  ACT, whose members include faculty representatives from each of the four colleges/schools, seeks to enhance the funded research by identifying and targeting large-dollar funding opportunities.   ACT matches targeted opportunities with known faculty areas of research focus, identifies qualified proposal development teams, engages key members of the funding agencies and organizations, and provides support and oversight for timely proposal submissions.  On a broader level, the team will also serve in an advisory role for research initiatives, facilitate mentorship activities for new researchers, and proactively contribute to a variety of other initiatives related to sponsored research.


Team Members:

Office of the Vice Provost for Research:

Mo Dehghani

Jessica Adamo

School of Engineering and Science:

Matthew Libera

Hady Salloum

School of Systems and Enterprises:

Jon Wade

Roshanak Nilchiani

Mitchell Kerman

School of Business:

Gregory Prastacos

Jeffrey Nickerson

College of Arts and Letters:

Lee Vinsel

Alex Wellerstein


Upcoming Funding Opportunities:

$500K+ Funding Opps Beginning Mar. 2016

$500K+ Funding Opps Beginning Feb. 2016

$500K+ Funding Opps Beginning Jan. 2016

$500K+ Funding Opps Beginning Dec. 2015

$500K+ Funding Opps Beginning Nov. 2015

$1M+ Funding Opps Beginning Oct. 2015

$1M+ Funding Opps Beginning Sept. 2015

$1M+ Funding Opps Beginning Aug. 2015

Upcoming ACT Meetings:

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD