Dive into methodological research and build analytical skills as a student in Stevens' new quantitative social science (QSS) major.

QSS at Stevens—a multi-disciplinary program that culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree—trains students in the quantitative methods that define modern approaches to social science. Equipped with these analytical skills, students will be encouraged to pursue answers to questions about society and human behavior. 

The offered concentrations—political science, psychology, and sociology—enable students to explore the field that interests them the most. Within their classes, students will gain experience with statistical modeling, causal inference, forecasting, text analytics, social network analyses, and experimental methods.

A quantitative skillset adds immense value to a social scientist's career, enabling perspective and knowledge across social, political, and ethical considerations. Future QSS graduates will leave Stevens with an ability to ask meaningful questions, craft useful applications, and propose solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

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