Sandra Clavijo, Director of Core Education, School of Engineering & Science

What is your role at Stevens?

I am the Director of Core Education in the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science. I also teach the entrepreneurial sequence of courses for seniors that are paired with Senior Design – Senior Innovation (IDE 400-402)  — and also Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking (MGT-103) to freshman engineering students.

Jean Lee
Sandra Clavijo

How has your job changed because of the pandemic?

It hasn’t changed all that much at all, except instead of rushing up the hill for meetings and all over campus, I go from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting. Things that used to be easy, such as forms to sign, now have to be saved, labeled and then sent back. But collaborating with colleagues has never been easier! I think planning has always been important, but with COVID, we have to plan for all scenarios — online, in-person, hybrid, in-person then online — and also be responsive and agile when the situations change. I am very fortunate to work with faculty and staff who are also flexible as we constantly adapt to improve hybrid and remote instruction for our core classes and our advising practices with students.

Why did you choose to come to Stevens?

I was working on a master’s in engineering management and a position opened up that involved managing a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant in a partnership with the School of Business and the Nicholls Environmental Engineering Lab. It turned into a full-time new position in the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Christos Christodoulatos for eight years. A major component of my job was organizing the Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition and the annual Innovation Expo developing it into a major campus event. Then I moved over to SES in 2016 to take on curriculum initiatives for our undergraduate engineering programs. It was sort of an accident that I ended up working at Stevens, but now I cannot imagine being a consulting engineer again.

What was your background prior to joining Stevens?

I was a consulting municipal engineer and I have a civil engineering background.

What do you like about working at Stevens?

I love the energy and brilliance of our students. I love working in Hoboken. It is such a great place with incredible views and is surrounded by businesses and is close to New York City. I am also excited, as a former civil engineer, to watch our new buildings rise, and to follow the permitting and zoning processes that preceded construction. I love how our new campus buildings blend old Hoboken charm with modern elements. I am also currently working toward my Ed.D. at Drexel University and it is nice that Stevens supports growth for its employees.