Calling all aspiring singers, rappers, songwriters, musicians and directors – Stevens invites you to Duck and Cover in celebration of our 150th anniversary! Whether you find your muse in hip-hop, alt-rock, classic rock or classical music, we challenge you to create lyrics and record a popular song featuring Stevens-centric lyrics honoring our 150-year legacy.

What is it?

Duck and Cover is a music video competition designed to spur and support creativity and showcase the talent and wit of our university community in celebration of Stevens’ 150th anniversary. The competition is intended to be educational in nature and will involve Stevens’ faculty in evaluating entries and offering support and guidance to applicants.

Who can participate?

We invite teams consisting of any combination of students, staff, faculty, and alumni to participate. Teams may include any number of participants.

What should my entry include?

Teams should work together to select a popular song, create lyrics related to Stevens and record a video of the team performing the new song. Some inspiration may be found here.

Music videos should meet the following guidelines:

  • Keep it positive: Are you inspired by the great inventors who have come out of our university? Are you excited by the research taking place in our labs? Does Nelly make your day at Pierce Café? Sing about it and hit record! Your music video should celebrate all that is Stevens: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Keep it clean: If we have to “bleep” your music video, we can’t hear your genius!
  • Make it catchy: We hope that the winning entry will be shared with the world on Stevens social media and in other Stevens venues! Who knows, your video could be the next viral sensation!

How and When Do I Enter?

All submissions should be submitted via email to [email protected] by midnight June 1, 2020. In addition to submitting a link to the video or a video file, please include: Name, email address, phone number, and affiliation (student/year or alumnus/alumna or faculty/staff). Please identify the primary contact for the submitting team.

Selection and Prizes

Up to three winning videos will be selected by a panel of reviewers representing students, faculty, alumni, and Stevens leadership. Cash awards for the winning teams will include:

  • First Prize: $1,000
  • Second Prize: $ 500
  • Third Prize: $ 250

The winning team’s performance will be showcased in a variety of venues including the Stevens 150th anniversary Gala Celebration at the New York Plaza Hotel on Saturday, May 2, 2020.


Email any questions to [email protected]