Dr. Lindsey Cormack, assistant professor, political science, College of Arts and Letters (joined Stevens in 2014)

What is your main academic and research focus?

I specialize in American politics, specifically the strategic political communication of members of Congress. My foci within that realm include veterans politics, women in politics, and environmental/energy politics. 

Dr. Lindsey Cormack

Why did you choose to come to Stevens?

The promise of small class sizes was a big part of my decision-making. Classes on U.S. politics are so much more informative and fun when the students get to know one another and can try out their ideas among each other. I also liked the idea of being among such high achieving students; they continue to impress me. 

What was your background prior to joining Stevens?

Before joining Stevens I taught at Yeshiva University. I earned my Ph.D. at New York University and I've been fortunate to be able to be able to stay in the New York City area. While at NYU, I worked for Gov. David Paterson. That view into real-world politics was incredibly informative and it is an experience I very much value as a scholar of the political system.

What do you like about working at Stevens?

I enjoy my colleagues here immensely. In the College of Arts and Letters we have such a diverse set of faculty. It's a treat to be able to work alongside these faculty and I enjoy building bridges to those in other schools within Stevens.

What is your favorite spot on campus? 

Morton 318, my office. It's all decked out in Americana, presidential and congressional decor. My office is a room I could never create in my own apartment, and the students tend to be a little taken aback when they first visit for office hours. I've had some of my best conversations on the couch in my office and it's a little pocket of Stevens that I am very grateful to have.