Harvesting Artificial Intelligence to Solve Societal Challenges: AI Institute Director Jason Corso

On January 1, Jason Corso joined Stevens Institute of Technology as a chaired professor in the Computer Science department and incoming director of the Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI).

COVID-19 Epidemiology Expert Discusses Viral Spread, Misinformation, Public Health

A leading expert on COVID-19 epidemiology joined Stevens Institute of Technology virtually in December to discuss modeling the pandemic, potential public health interventions, and the spread of misinformation as part of The President's Special Lectures Series on Pandemics.

How Stevens Students Followed — and Predicted — 2020's 'Election Madness'

America's fall 2020 elections were some of the most contentious in history. The presidential election, during which a record-breaking number of voters participated, attracted most of the attention and media coverage. But voters also chose 35 senators, 441 representatives, 13 governors and many state, local and judicial representatives in November.

Beth McGrath Named Vice President for University Relations

(Hoboken, N.J. – Nov. 19, 2020) – Stevens Institute of Technology President Nariman Farvardin announced the creation of the Division of University Relations, a new organizational structure at the university that will encompass central communications and marketing, campus communications, government relations, community relations and a university hub for corporate relations.

Human-Crafted AI Is Best at Identifying Fake News, Says Stevens Study

A Stevens team has developed a new explainable AI (XAI) framework that can detect fake news with high accuracy — and it depends partly on human expertise.

Undergraduate Team Tops National Data Competition with Urban Energy Study

A talented team of four Stevens undergraduates has brought new perspective to urban energy flows — and received national recognition for doing so.

The team, mentored by School of Systems & Engineering professor Philip Odonkor, placed first and second in award categories of a national data challenge for its comprehensive analysis of relationships and patterns in Chicago's climate, energy usage, building stock and demographics.

New Effort to Harvest Sustainable, Renewable Energy from Ocean Waves

A new Stevens effort, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, will leverage innovative engineering and design ideas that could finally produce a breakthrough technology for generating electric power from waves.

Stevens Nanotech Research Is Powering Novel P.P.E. for a Pandemic

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, researchers continue innovating and investigating improvements in personal protective technology, such as nanotechnology for safer masks.

Private practice is part of this effort — including a New York City firm created to leverage research originally created in Stevens labs.

Invested in a Purpose: Shalini Menon M.S. '20 Begins a Career in Corporate Banking

When Shalini Menon, a prospective financial engineering student who is legally blind, was seeking to embark upon a master's degree in 2018, she ultimately chose Stevens.

Stevens Develops New Nanotech, Production Process for More Effective Masks and Respirators

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, Stevens researchers are imagining the next generation of face protection.

The protection in current N95 masks — industrial-grade respirators that filter out 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns — consists of a non-woven membrane constructed of polypropylene fibers. Particles are trapped as they migrate through the dense network of fibers; electrostatic charges can also be added to further attract particles to the mask.