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White House Calls on Howe for Telecom Research

A Howe School research project has received funding from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Science and Technology Policy to deliver a telecom equipment analysis and strategy for the two agencies.

The system was developed by Dr. M. Hosein Fallah, a retired professor at Howe; Dr. Ye Ouyang, a Stevens Ph.D. alumnus; and a senior software engineer, Rakesh Ranjan, an IBM executive who is on the faculty at San Jose State University. Ouyang and Fallah were co-principals on the project.

Ouyang, who earned his doctoral degree from Stevens, said it’s the first time a Ph.D. alumnus at Howe has independently received funds from the White House, which operates the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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According to Ouyang, the project involved developing a telecom equipment market analysis and strategy system, including a techno-economic assessment and a projection of performance going forward in the global economy. 

Fallah, a retired professor of technology management at Stevens, has a deep background in telecommunications and technology management. Prior to joining Stevens, he was director of network planning and systems engineering at Bell Laboratories. Ouyang, director of technology modeling and algorithms at VPI Systems, researches big data analytics in wireless network technologies, services, strategies and policies.