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Visual Arts & Technology Senior Lands Dream Job at WorldStage Inc.

April is a busy time on the Stevens campus. Classes are winding down, examinations are looming and seniors are busy preparing their senior design projects for the Innovation Expo. The season also marks graduation, the bittersweet departure from university life and the transition to professional careers.

For Julian Chaves, landing a dream position at WorldStage Inc. – a creative firm that provides audio, video and lighting technologies to the corporate, artistic and theatrical communities – will make for an exciting transition from college to career.

“WorldStage is the perfect fit for my love of visual arts, music, technology and the entertainment industry,” he said. “I was hired as an Assistant Engineer and will be concentrating in Project Design, Engineering and Commissioning.”

Currently, WorldStage provides services to Jazz at Lincoln Center and The Metropolitan Opera, along with managing the production of large conferences, Fortune 500 product announcements, Broadway productions, and other large-scale events. Dubbed “the ultimate resource for event engineering, technology and imagination,” the company’s producers, designers and artists utilize the combination of technology and experience to help realize a client’s vision whether it exists on a screen, stage, fashion runway or high-school auditorium.

Chaves, who has also been a practicing musician for most of his life, will graduate in May with a minor in Music & Technology in addition to his degree in Visual Arts & Technology. His minor advisor, Prof. Rob Harari, initially introduced him to the company when he was looking for an internship opportunity during the fall of 2014.

“WorldStage is specifically known as experts in innovative projection design with an artistic flair,” said Prof. Harari, an Industry Associate Professor of Music & Technology. “Through years of working with and watching Julian's interest in projection mapping grow, it was a natural fit to introduce him to the Chief Engineer for the company, who immediately understood my insistence that Julian was special and took him directly under his wing.”

Chaves said the internship experience was everything he could have wanted and more.

“I was able to experience every facet of the company and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about how the company operated at all levels. I spent a couple of weeks in each of their departments, including cable, audio, video, convergence and engineering, and I learned how to use the equipment that I was not as familiar with by working closely with staff technicians,” he said.

Originally from Secaucus, NJ, Chaves spent time in Hoboken during his teenage years before choosing Stevens for his college experience.

“Being from the area, I've been attracted to Stevens for a long time, and it was a long-term goal of mine to attend,” he commented. “Stevens has a tremendous reputation as an institute and the opportunities offered are endless. Being so close to NYC, I knew that it would help me to have the most opportunities in my chosen field.”

He also believes that his coursework prepared him for having the skills necessary to immediately excel in his career.

“I definitely believe that all of my courses here at Stevens have given me the skills to succeed at WorldStage,” he said. “Whether it be art related or music related, there are so many different facets to the company that my education here has so effectively prepared me for. I have been enjoying myself so much during my time at WorldStage and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

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