Visual Arts and Technology Student Valentino Ivezaj '15 Lands Internship with Sony Music

Stevens student Valentino Ivezaj ’15 recently landed an internship at Sony Music in New York City for the fall semester. As a Visual Arts and Technology junior, Valentino, nicknamed Tino, says that working for creative firms is the perfect environment to gain on-the-job experience.

“The group I am working for is known as Arcade Music Group,” he said. “It is a Sony-specific group that has developed into a larger creative group and has expanded into other areas. Right now, they oversee art direction for the record labels under Sony Music and work with companies such as Coke, American Express, and Puma.”

As part of his internship, Tino assists the design team for each label and brand in various projects ranging from one-sheet advertisements to posters and album covers. So far, Tino’s experience has been positive and the opportunity to network with industry professionals has helped him transform and evolve his own skillset.

“I have been able to show my portfolio to employees around the office and receiving feedback from them has been really cool,” he said. “It is amazing to be able to work in the city and the projects have been really awesome to be a part of so far. I am so amazed at the amount of time and effort that goes into something others might regard as minimal.”

Despite the fast-paced environment and immense amount of work that goes into each project, being able to work in such a creative environment is exactly what Tino was searching for when he applied for the internship.

“I applied to Sony online and received a call about an internship that was not as advertised in their creative group. I jumped at the chance to work with designers who are responsible for some of my favorite artists' album covers, posters, etc. It was a really exciting opportunity.”

Tino says his classes at Stevens, specifically his Digital Imaging and Introduction to Principles of Form and Design courses, have challenged him to produce intrinsically creative pieces that went on to make him a viable candidate for the internship.

“Without the program here at Stevens, I feel I would not be the designer I am today,” he said.

For Tino, working in the music industry has been a life-long ambition and he has decided to pursue the industry after he graduates in the spring of 2015.

“Throughout this internship I’ve been intrigued and interested about how artists decide what art direction they'll use for an album or how a designer will decide to create a cover based on a song or album. If I can live my life making designs for the big names in the music industry, I will be very happy!”