11/16/2018 6:35 AM

To:          Stevens Students, Faculty and Staff
From:     Marybeth Murphy, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Date:       November 16, 2018
Subject:  Today's Delayed Opening

The Stevens campus will open at 11am, and classes that start at 11am or later will be held. Commuters may experience some transit delays; check http://www.panynj.gov/path or http://www.njtransit.com for up-to-date information and give yourself time to commute safely. Shuttles will be operational, but delays are possible due to conditions.

We understand that last night’s commute was difficult for many in our community; if for any reason coming to campus today is not possible, please alert your supervisor, classes or professor. 

  • Pierce Dining Hall: 7am
  • Pierce Cafe: 10am
  • Red & Gray Cafe: 10am
  • America’s Cup: 11am
  •  Colonel John’s: 11am
  • Schaefer Athletics Center: 6am
  • Samuel C. Williams Library: 10am

Travel safely.