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Two Music and Technology Students Release Music Single Under Next Plateau Entertainment

Music and Technology Seniors Corey Phillips and Jacqueline Stenroos (AKA Jax Berlin) recently released their first single, “The Sad Truth”. The pair was signed under Next Plateau Entertainment in 2012, and both are now balancing their studies with professional music careers.

“We got signed through connections that resulted from an internship with Sirius XM last summer,” Corey said. “I made friends there with some amazing people who showed our music to the president of the label that we're currently signed with. In my eyes, this has been a dream come true. I couldn't be more thankful to have been given this opportunity while still in school, studying the one subject I'm most passionate about: music production.”

Jax, who is studying for her Masters in Management alongside her undergraduate degree in Music and Technology and Business and Technology, believes that the combination of their slightly different styles and individual skill sets allow for the creation of solid, unique music.

“I'm proud of the music we've produced. Now we’re working in many different ways. Sometimes I send him a vocal first, sometimes he sends me a beat or a synth section or an entire instrumental track. He's really flexible, so it makes it easy for me to work with him.”

The two were introduced in the College of Arts and Letters' Music and Technology program in 2012. Prof. Rob Harari (Teaching Associate Professor, Music and Technology) has been working with both students since they began their studies at Stevens.

“Both Corey and Jax are very different individuals,” Prof. Harari said. “Since her Freshman year, Jax has grown so much in her ability to express the story in the song. Her technical abilities as a singer to convey emotion have become so special. Likewise, Corey can produce a song in his laptop that compares to anything you hear on the radio. To engage his technical skills with Jax’s artistic performance is what led to their very successful partnership. From their courses in our program, to their internships with major music corporations, they have been able to grow on all the different levels necessary to enter the professional marketplace.”

For Corey and Jax, the journey to success has been a life-long ambition, and both believe that they will continue their careers in the music industry after they graduate next fall.

“The satisfaction of experiencing the reward of so much hard work is what makes all of this such a great experience,” Corey said. “When I graduate, I want to continue making music…exactly what I’m doing right now.”

“I hope to be performing, and writing for myself and other major label artists. That's the ultimate goal and always was,” Jax said. “The most exciting part of all of it has always been about the music. It has to be. I would continue my writing, even if nobody heard my music. I just do it because I love it.”

To download "The Sad Truth", visit their iTunes page.