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Ting Yu Joins the Editorial Board of Nature's Scientific Reports

Ting Yu, associate professor in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics has accepted an invitation to join the editorial board of Nature's Scientific Reports in the area of quantum physics. The online, open access journal boasts 5th place among all multidisciplinary science primary research journals, according to the 2013 Journal Citation Reports, Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2014).

 “Recently, quantum physics has advanced considerably, due to the fast development in
quantum information and quantum computing,” said Yu, who is also director of the Quantum Information and Quantum Optics Group at Stevens. “I feel very fortunate to be a researcher in this extremely fast growing field, and serving as an editorial member of this new journal is an excellent way to contribute to our quantum science community.”

Scientists believe that quantum phenomena applied to information technology has the potential to revolutionize communication and precision measurement, by developing quantum computing that will bring unparalleled computing power and speed.

Yu’s work focuses on theoretical studies of quantum optics, quantum physics, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics and quantum open systems. His team has made enormous progress on studies of quantum few-body and many-body systems embedded in a complex environment consisting of photons, phonons, electrons, atoms or molecules. Yu hopes to help bring quantum computing closer to realization.  

“In the past few years, we have developed multiple novel techniques for computing the quantum dynamics of open quantum systems coupled to a non-Markovian environment and exploring new physics associated with our finding,” Yu said. “Our techniques have become efficient tools for the study of quantum control and quantum decoherence--important elements of quantum information processing and computing. ”

Dr. Yu is a member of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America. He is the recipient of various research grants and awards, including grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. His work has been published in numerous prestigious journals, including Science and Physical Review Letters.