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The Technical Leadership Master's Program at Stevens Institute Completes Business Lens

In September 2012, the Stevens Institute of Technology’s Master of Engineering in Technical Leadership (METL) program concluded the “Business Lens” in Washington, DC.  The Business Lens, is the second of three lenses in the program – Systems, Business, and Enterprise – designed to align with the career progression of a Technical Leader.  METL is the first-ever Stevens program to include faculty, curriculum and support from all four schools within the University.

The Business Lens focused on the business and collaborative dynamics of a complete technical project and the leadership challenges associated with designing, implementing, managing and improving the processes, teaming, and organizational infrastructure through which a complex technical system is realized.  The coordinating lead of the Business Lens was Dr Ann Murphy of the Howe School of Technology Management.  It consisted of three courses:  “Competitive Strategy Development and Execution,” taught by Dr Murphy; “Technology and Innovation Management,” taught by Mr Bill Reinisch, and “Essentials of Financial Design Making for Technical Leaders,” taught by Dr Eleni Gousgounis. 

Guest lecturers included: Air Force retired Major General Roosevelt “Ted” Mercer, Vice President and Director, Government, Commercial and International Initiatives at ITT Exelis Inc; Matthew Schwartz, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at brand strategist MSDS; Dr Allan Amason, Professor, University of Georgia and author of Strategic Management: From Theory to Practice; Dr Andrei Kirilenko, Chief Economist, Commodity Futures Trading Commission; and Mr Nicholas Torelli, Director for Mission Assurance within the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering.

The Business Lens concluded with a visit to Capitol Hill for a discussion on Congressional Perspectives for the Technical Leader. The session was hosted by Donna Mullins of Winning Strategies, Stevens government relations partner in Washington DC, and featured discussions on the impending “fiscal cliff,” defense issues, and telecommunication reform:

  • Keith Castaldo, Economic Policy Advisor for Rep. Bill Pascrell, Democrat Member of the House Ways & Means Committee
  • Steve Wilson, Senior Policy Advisor and Appropriations Staff Associate for Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, Republican Member of House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Michelle Schwartz, Counsel for Senator Frank Lautenberg, Democrat on Senate Commerce Committee.

The Thread course on “Organizational Effectiveness Through Others” began in the Business Lens and consisted of three sessions.

  • Motivation and Leadership Styles, taught by Dr Erika Henik of the Howe School
  • Failure Based Success, taught by Ms Debra Facktor Lepore of the School of Systems and Enterprises
  • Ethics, taught by Dr Greg Morgan of the College of Arts and Letters

The next three sessions will overlap with the Enterprise Lens.

The June mentor events, led by Ms Lepore, METL Program Director, featured several of the mentors sharing personal stories involving technology and innovation management, capitalizing on the theme of the corresponding course.  Stories included strategies involving a decision to invest (or not) in an innovative technology and the elements the mentors brought to the table as a technical leader in this process.  The mentor workshop continued this discussion, with designated groups evaluating a strategy from their organization.

The Systems and Business Lenses have leveraged the Stevens presence in the Nation’s Capitol and its proximity to the many technical leaders that operate in and around the Washington DC beltway.  The Enterprise Lens began October 12, 2012, and will run through March 2013.  This lens will take place in Hoboken, NJ on the main campus of Stevens, bringing a fresh perspective to the program, capitalizing on the dynamics of the greater NYC region. Stay tuned for more updates as the METL program comes to Hoboken.