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Students Present Research at Hackensack University Medical Center Research Day

Stevens undergraduate students Tushar Patel ’15, Juan Sebastian Castrillon ’15 and Naiya Patel ’17, each aspiring medical doctors, were invited to present research projects related to regenerative medicine, cardiology and neurology at the First Annual Research Day at Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) on June 7, 2013.

The students are Research Associates (RAs) at HackensackUMC, which is part of the National Alliance of Research Associates Programs (NARAP), a consortium of emergency departments and colleges that collaborate to conduct research in hospital emergency departments. As RAs, they gain research experience related to tobacco cessation in a clinical setting, and were also invited to conduct their own research projects to supplement their clinical research.

At Research Day, selected undergraduate and medical students presented research in a range of medical fields in front of prestigious physicians, researchers and other medical professionals. Tushar Patel, Juan Sebastian Castrillon and Naiya Patel were the only student representatives from Stevens.

Tushar Patel and Juan Sebastian Castrillon, both chemical biology majors, presented a comprehensive study on three dimensional bio-printing technology which can rapidly manufacture biomaterials to advance regenerative medicine, enabling more customization, improving patient recovery, and increasing affordability. Dr. Arthur Ritter, Stevens professor of biomedical engineering, advised on the research project.

Naiya Patel, a biomedical engineering major, presented extensive research which assessed various minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graphing procedures –to understand their relationship to cognitive functioning and neurological complications. She worked with a research partner, a student from Rutgers University, and was advised by Dr. Philip Leopold, Stevens professor of chemistry, chemical biology and biomedical engineering.

“We are all happy that we're helping our future profession at this current stage,” said Tushar Patel. “We were able to research something we are passionate about and enjoy learning about.”