Students from all majors sign up for new minors at Howe

Students from All Majors Sign-Up for New Howe Minors

More than 100 students have jumped on board the Minors program that is now offered at The Howe School. Student interest spiked following the launch of the minors in October, when Howe School representatives hosted a sign-up session at The Wesley J. Howe Center.

The Howe School offers exciting business minors such as Marketing, Finance, International Business, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Quantitative Finance, which can be paired with any major.

Howe School representatives including Associate Dean Ann Murphy and Student Services Coordinator, Michelle Crilly, introduced the program to students during one of the most important sessions of the day – meal time. Murphy and Crilly thought the dining hall was a casual, yet effective, way to help spread the word on minors and meet directly with students to address questions on how a minor might fit into their study plan.

“Students are so busy so we thought talking to them in the dining hall when they had a few minutes of down time would be a great way to get the word out on the minors offerings,” says Crilly. “We were thrilled to see that so many students were interested in the program.”

Charles Shotmeyer, a Freshman and Biomedical Engineering major, is looking to add the entrepreneurship minor. “When I saw these I was very excited,” says Shotmeyer, who is from Bergen County, N.J. “I have always wanted to start my own business and so I feel that this is the perfect minor for me. I think that any sort of business minor is excellent for an engineer because engineers have incredible opportunities to start their own business, especially through the experience we get in the senior design project. Having that business background would make starting your own business easier.”

Other students say a minor would help round out their resume for employment. “I was excited to learn about the business minor offerings,” says Steven Yearwood, a Computer Engineering Major. “I think it will be a great way to add depth to my degree and make me more attractive to future employers,” says Yearwood, a freshman from Westport, Conn., who is looking to add a finance or information systems minor for the spring. 

Adding a minor does not require additional tuition. And, in some cases, courses required for a minor can be “double counted” toward free electives or humanities requirements, which can help offset additional credits required for minors coursework.

Although you can add a minor at any point through the end of junior year it is most beneficial to begin the coursework no later than in the second half of your sophomore year. Once you declare a minor and your minor study plan is approved, you can include the minor on your resume to help market yourself for internships and career opportunities.

Students should check in with Michelle Crilly at the Student Service Support Center at The Babbio Center, Room 303, to finalize a study plan in order to begin a minor this spring.


What students are saying:

Gianna Pizzella, Chemistry Major:  “I recently added an entrepreneurship minor in my junior year.  I was very excited to hear about the minor offerings and believe that this added component will make me a more, well-rounded individual when pursuing jobs after graduation.”

Gregory Caminneci, Quantitative Finance Major:  “I plan to add a minor because it will give my resume diversity and I'll be more equipped with more skills for various fields. Hopefully, a minor will set my degree apart from other people with the same major.”

Andrew Frieling, Undecided Engineering Major:  “I have added classes next semester for a Quantitative Finance minor. I was excited to learn of these new minors because I think it will give me more options for my career when I graduate.”


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