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Student: Stevens 'Changed the Way I Think About Technology' at Internship with UPS

Before deciding to pursue a graduate business degree, Tushar Roy already had leadership experience at a major JPMorgan Chase branch in lower Manhattan, where he managed 16 bankers and eight tellers, and had responsibility for compliance issues at the bank.

But Roy, a manager on duty, relationship banker and compliance champion at JPMorgan, wanted a chance to do something that would allow him to explore his passion for creativity, innovation and technology — which led him to the master’s program in Information Systems at the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Tushar Roy used his Stevens training to help him design an app for recruitment at UPS.
Tushar Roy built an app for UPS while the Information Systems master's student was working as an intern.

“Coming to Stevens was like a dream come true,” he said. “My classes have changed the way I think about technology and have helped encourage me to develop things that can benefit society and industry.”

Roy, who will graduate in December, is now working as an intern at UPS, and made a splash early when, on his second day on the job, he started building a mobile app, to manage recruitment functions. He kept the project to himself until he got a chance to meet one of the IT senior managers at a networking event for the interns.

“I told him I went to Stevens and that I was learning a lot about innovation, and he asked me what I was actually learning,” Roy said. “So I took out my phone and I showed him this app, and he immediately called over a director of marketing and also the HR director, and asked me to show them how the app worked.”

He was then asked to present the app to a management team the next day; the company is exploring a rollout of the app in the future.

App development has been a passion Roy credits to his Stevens work, especially a course with Professor Jeffrey Nickerson, a well-recognized expert in information systems — in particular, crowds and collective intelligence.   

“Dr. Nickerson encouraged us to think about how to improve processes to make systems and apps work well. And he really got me to think differently about how systems work, and how to make apps that work really well,” he said. “So I came to UPS and I thought, what can I do that can create an impact of Stevens and mine on the company?”

“As a banker, I never thought of designing an app. Stevens has given me new perspective on possibilities in business and technology.”

Tushar Roy, M.S. Information Systems student

He built his first app — iBuddha, a meditation app — as a result of some of his coursework with Professor Michael Frank, and hopes to launch his own startup technology company with a recent Stevens graduate after he completes his studies.

“We get along so well, in terms of how we think about problems and work together, because we have all these innovative ideas that Stevens taught us,” Roy said.

In the meantime, he’s enjoying applying his learning at UPS. After seeing his app proposal, he said, a human resources director asked about bringing more Stevens students on board. He also enjoys support from his managers at UPS, including Autumn McPhillips, Jim Schultz and Tam Schwartz.

“My coursework at Stevens helped me change the way I think. It encouraged me think outside the box, about ways human life can be improved through technology,” he said.

“As a banker, I never thought of designing an app. You think about business and customers and compliance. Stevens has given me new perspective on possibilities in business and technology.”