Student Alexander Bradley, Intern at Silverpoint, Inc. Gains Real World Experience

<p><img src="/ses/oaca/images/bradley.jpg" alt="" align="left" hspace="6" vspace="6" />Alexander Bradley is currently pursuing a <a href="">Computer Science</a> degree with plans to graduate May 2011 with his BS, and is about halfway towards a Masters in <a href="">Service Oriented Computing</a>. He is also an active participant in the <a href="">Stevens Cooperative Education (Co-op)</a> program and offers unique perspective about his experiences.</p>
<p>One of the most impressive aspects of Alexander&rsquo;s outlook is the fact that the strength of the Stevens Co-op was a driving factor in his enrollment with the University. Alexander realizes the importance of work experience and goes on to say, &ldquo;In my mind, the most important thing in today's workplace is experience, networking and confidence, and the Co-Op program provides all three.&rdquo; The Co-op has given him not only job experience, but resume construction, interviewing and networking abilities that are critical for landing your career, and also &ldquo;makes the scariest part of graduating--the "What next?"--that much more familiar and comfortable and takes a huge load off your shoulders.&rdquo;</p>
<p>Thus far Alexander&rsquo;s internships have been exclusively with <a class="various3" href="">Silverpoint, Inc</a>. Since being hired back for the Spring 2008 semester, he has returned with increased responsibilities going from "standard intern" to someone who has lead projects, worked on the redesign of the entire product's look-and-feel and even trained other interns.</p>
<p>The Co-op experience has been invaluable in Alexander and many of his fellow student&rsquo;s experiences which prepare them for a successful future. In conclusion, Alexander offers some words of encouragement for future participants in the Co-op program:</p>
<p>&ldquo;To anyone considering the Co-Operative education program, I recommend you do what I did: Find a company which employs professionals who already hold the degree you'd like to hold in a few years, and check out the jobs section of their Web site. Look at how many of the jobs require at least three years of prior professional experience, and think to yourself how great it would look on your resume to have almost three years of experience before you even leave college. For me, that company was Google, and who better? What I always used to say when people asked why the Co-Op program was so valuable was "How can you get three years of experience without three years of experience?" The Co-Op Program helps get your foot in the door and really enhances your resume in ways you could never do on your own.&rdquo;</p>