Stevens Welcomes Calabro Middle School Students to Campus for ‘Duckling in Reverse’ Day

The Stevens Institute of Technology Department of Athletics welcomed students from Hoboken’s Calabro Middle School to campus on Friday, May 2, for the second-annual ‘Duckling in Reverse’ Day.

Typically, members of many different Stevens teams head to local schools to teach the younger students about teamwork, education, engineering, technology and sports. In this event, Stevens teams – headed by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) – welcomed the middle-schoolers to Castle Point for a ‘field trip’.

The first stop involved former women’s swimmer Erin Hopson who taught Calabro students about Naval Engineering. Stop two was the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab in the Babbio Center where Patrick Houlihan did a presentational about the Stock Exchange, and the third experience was a brief talk from Professor Arthur Ritter regarding Biomedical Engineering.

The final stop was sport-related and in the Schaefer Center. The men’s basketball team demonstrated the shooting machine and conducted a shooting contest, the men’s and women’s swimming team demonstrated different strokes and had a relay race, while Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Roger Power, along with Duck student-athletes, demonstrated a variety of weight lifting exercises and stations Stevens teams incorporate in their respective workouts.

“Stevens student-athletes and staff have consistently made a conscious effort to be involved in the local community and to give back and pass on many of the things they have learned growing up and through participation in sport,” said Director of Athletics Russell Rogers. “The impact our students can have on the children in Hoboken and the surrounding area is pretty special. We are fortunate to have an opportunity like the Duckling in Reverse Day and look forward to staying involved in any way we can.”

More than 50 Stevens student-athletes participated in the Duckling Program in 2013-14 with plans to continue the program in 2014-15. Additionally, Stevens plans to expand ‘Duckling in Reverse’ Day next spring to include a wider age range of youths.