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Stevens Unveils Trio of New Pre-College Summer Programs

A select group of high school students will have the opportunity to build their own companies, design educational video games and tackle timely science and technology issues when Stevens unveils three new summer programs in 2014.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Engineering Game Design, and Science, Technology & Society will be the three newest offerings of the Stevens Summer, a renowned and competitive pre-college experience held annually on the Stevens campus that draws more than 500 students from across the world.

High school students attend the Stevens Summer to explore cutting-edge and in-demand areas of study, including Engineering & Science, Pre-Med, Business, Computer Science and Multimedia.

Participants live with their classmates in residence halls on campus, attend classes with recognized Stevens professors, access Stevens state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories, take part in exclusive networking and professional development activities, attend college preparatory workshops, visit local companies and interact with industry professionals in their chosen fields of study, and enjoy many fun social activities.

The three newest programs will help high school students jumpstart their careers in exciting, growing professions.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Young people with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset will find the life and business skills to be successful in the two-week Innovation & Entrepreneurship program, which will be taught by Stevens professors from the Howe School of Technology Management.

“Students will learn basic business principles like management, finance and marketing, and then how to build a company from the ground up,” said Dr. Werner Kuhr, technology commercialization director in the Stevens Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

A main draw of the program is the opportunity for students to form their own virtual companies, and then – using a computer simulation created by a Stevens faculty member – study and adjust to market forces to build their company’s value.

The students will also participate in a half-day leadership training course in which they bond together to overcome physical obstacles. The course has been used by West Point cadets to build camaraderie and learn leadership skills.

Kuhr said the program isn’t only for students who dream of taking a new technology to market or readying a company for IPO or sale.

“With the rise of small business in today’s economy, entrepreneurship skills are incredibly important – whether you are building your own business or trying to understanding what people in big business are going through.”

Engineering Game Design

Both creative and technical students will love the challenge presented by the Engineering Game Design program – to develop an original and playable video game.

Students in the program will meet with Stevens experts in physics, electrical and computer engineering, and biomedical engineering and then design an educational video game with direct applications to those disciplines.

“The students will work in teams to develop the training games, applying concepts in software engineering and visual arts to engage others in technical subject matter,” said Brian Moriarty, teaching assistant professor of art and technology at Stevens. “They’ll go through many steps of the video game development process, including creating the narrative, designing game play and visuals, and musical scoring.”

Students will even have access to Stevens’ state-of-the-art Motion Capture Laboratory, which features next-generation technology that can track and animate 3D movement, allowing people to control computers with their bodies. Motion capture technology is used in a wide range of fields, from digital media and animation, to medicine, security and athletics.

Science, Technology and Society

The Science, Technology and Society program engages students in a timeless question which Stevens has been focused on answering since it was founded by “the first family of inventors” – how do we harness the power of science and technology to make a better world?

Through a host of exciting field trips during the one-week programs, students will learn the interdisciplinary skills of the technology savvy leaders who are in demand in virtually every field, including public policy, medicine and healthcare, law, journalism and environmental science.

“In many companies and agencies, there is a wide gap between the people who understand science and technology and the people who understand business, policy and communication,” said Dr. Andrew Russell, assistant professor of history and director of the Stevens program in science and technology studies. “As science and technology continue to be driving forces in society, we need more people who can apply insights from the humanities and social sciences to understand where new innovations come from, their social consequences and how they impact the world.”

Under the guidance of Stevens professors in science communication and history, students in the program will take advantage of Stevens’ proximity to New York City by visiting environmental and technology reporters at the New York Times or Scientific American and learning about sustainability initiatives at the United Nations. With coastal science researchers from the Stevens Davidson Laboratory, they’ll also visit the Hackensack River to learn about an environmental clean-up project underway.

Why the Stevens Summer?

Whether it’s discovering a new passion, growing as a person or meeting a new friend, there are plenty of benefits and advantages to be had from the Stevens Summer. Hear what a few 2013 Stevens Summer participants have to say about their experiences:

  • “I made many amazing friends from all over the globe that I am still in contact with – some in California, Korea and even Russia. The diversity was a really amazing experience for me.” – Nick Fealey
  • “I not only learned a great deal about the different fields in engineering, but also about myself.” – Katerina Polemis
  • “The program confirmed my interest in pursuing an engineering degree and helped me to discover two other engineering disciplines that I would like to explore.” – Christian Romano
  • “I'd definitely rate the entire Stevens Summer experience at least a 9.5 out of 10!” – Kiran Ravindra

Stevens is currently accepting applications for the Stevens Summer. Visit to apply or for more information. The final application deadline is May 1.