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Stevens Students Network with Employers at December Career Fair


On Dec. 5, 2012, Stevens welcomed more than 100 different employers to campus for the annual December Career Fair. This career fair was one of the largest in school history with multiple opportunities across all disciplines.

Stevens’ reputation for excellence in technology attracts companies that specialize in everything from hospitality to construction.  A diverse group of companies like Wyndham Worldwide, L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson were searching to fill internship and full-time positions in many fields such as web development, marketing, chemical engineering and technology management.

“We are very impressed with how many students attend the fair as well as the quality of the questions they are asking,” said a recruiter from US Water Services.

A recruiter from Wyndham Worldwide added that she was drawn to the Stevens career fair because she had worked with talented Stevens alumni in the past.

“We come here to find intern or full-time candidates for roles within our organization here in the Northeast,” she said.

For the Office of Career Development, organizing the career fairs for Stevens’ students and alumni is an ongoing effort.

“The career development staff recruits for career fairs year round,” said Lynn Insley, director of Career Development. “We are always working to develop more opportunities for Stevens students. The market itself is changing and we want to take advantage of the best that’s out there.”

The employer turnout at this December’s Career Fair shows that the efforts of the Career Development staff as well as the strength of the Stevens brand has gathered the attention of major companies across the nation.

According to Insley, she expects this year’s graduating class to do just as well as the previous two, which have averaged a 93 percent employment or graduate school placement rate.

The Class of 2013 is off to a tremendous start. Twenty-five percent of Stevens seniors have already finalized post-graduation plans.

“Stevens students are so talented, professional and dedicated,” Insley said. “They understand how to conduct themselves in a professional manner when they launch their careers or even during their internships.”

Students prepare for the fair by researching the companies attending the fair as well as perfecting their resumes and outfits on the day of.

“I printed out my resume this morning and my mom sent my suit in the mail earlier this week,” said one student preparing for the fair.

Many students are very confident about their career outlook upon graduation, in large part due to the many opportunities available at the fair and the historic success in Stevens graduates securing job offers at the most cutting-edge companies and industries.

“Stevens and its reputation will help me get a job in the end,” said one Business and Technology major.

Given Stevens’ renown in engineering, the hard sciences and the technical disciplines, there are often more opportunities for students studying those fields than others. However, the Office of Career Development is working diligently to eradicate the inequality among opportunities available to students of different majors by implementing a strategic approach to recruiting employers for the career fairs.

“We always first look at the employees that we currently work with to see if there are opportunities for are students in a diverse range of majors we offer at Stevens,” Insley said. “We also reach out to companies that are known for excellence in every major and discipline we offer because we always want our graduates to access entry level roles with great potential at leading companies.”

Insley recommends all students take advantage of the full slate of services offered through the Office of Career Development – including personal career counseling – to fully maximize their college experience.

“All of our students have worked so hard to earn their Stevens credentials and we want them to put that credential to work in a way that they find personally satisfying and rewarding,” she said.