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Stevens Students Lead "Heart-to-Heart" Relief Effort for Jersey's Healthcare Professionals Impacted By Superstorm Sandy

A group of Stevens students took some decisive action in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which made a critical difference for healthcare professionals living in impacted areas on the North Jersey coast.

By forming a partnership with Meritus Health, a major hospital system in Maryland who mounted a goods drive in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and The Visiting Nurses Association Health Group (VNAHG), the students helped to fill a warehouse with vital supplies ranging from baby care items to clothes to school items for kids.

The VNAHG, the largest home care provider in the state, had many employees severely impacted by the storm. These workers received goods both in person as well as at a "Super Saturday" event in which Stevens healthcare students led the distribution of the goods and assisted all of the affected employees and their families. Undergraduate students in Biomedical Engineering and Technology Management and graduate students in Healthcare Leadership and Management joined the effort quickly and effectively in all phases of the emergency relief operation.

Stevens faculty and students also contributed needed goods as part of the drive, and will continue to work with both organizations in the near future.

"As is always the case, the executives at both of these prominent healthcare organizations were mightily impressed by the dedication, integrity of purpose and performance of our students, especially in this crisis situation," said Dr. Don Lombardi, director of the Stevens Healthcare Educational Partnership (SHEP). "Moreover, scores of impacted healthcare professionals whose families and homes were visited by this tragedy got some deeply needed relief and help from our students, who in turn got some powerful lessons in the real-world of healthcare."