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Stevens SSE Faculty & SERC Researchers Participate in CSER 2012

The Missouri University of Science and Technology recently hosted the CSER, or Conference on Systems Engineering Research, in St. Louis, Missouri. The conference theme for 2012 was “New Challenges in Systems Engineering and Architecting.”  

With researchers from twelve different countries, the conference spanned four days from March 19th to the 22nd. Dr. Cihan Dagli, the General Conference Chairman, set the tone for the conference by stating that his goal was “to push the boundaries of technology and research”. There was also a focus on the future, and an emphasis on the need for mega-engineering systems.

Stevens Institute of Technology, one of the original co-founders of the CSER, was well represented during the conference, as were collaborators from the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC). Debra Facktor Lepore gave a keynote speech that focused on how to expedite the rate of effective engineer solutions. Faculty and PhD students from Stevens also contributed papers on systems engineering for the conference. The following is a list of authors from Stevens: Brian Moriarty, Zak Moy, Richard Turner, Alice Squires, Jon Wade, Richard Reilly, Peter Dominick, Jeff Bayuk, Rob Pitsko, Dinesh Verma, Matin Sarfaraz, Brian J. Sauser, and Larry Levine. Jon Wade also chaired a session on Product Line Architecture.                                   

At CSER 2012, SERC universities contributed 38% (26/68) of the accepted papers, 50% (11/22) of the session chairs, 29% (2/7) of the plenary speakers, and 25% (4/16) of the panelists.  No single university outside the SERC contributed more than 2 accepted papers. CSER 2013 will be held at Georgia Tech.