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Stevens Seniors Develop Mobile App for Hardcore New York Mets Fans

Hardcore baseball fans want exclusive information about the teams they root for – as much as they can get, any time they want.

Five Stevens seniors – Nick Walsh, Josh Crouch, Tyler Courter, Mesfin Isaac and Matt Rodgers – have designed a mobile app to provide exactly that.

Starting with a prototype specifically for the most faithful New York Mets fans, the app consolidates ticket information, up-to-date statistics and standings, game recaps, breaking team news, trade rumors, promotions, and merchandise for sale, all on one single platform.

“We wanted to put all of the information a Mets fan would search for in one place,” said Walsh, who will study Sports Management at the University of San Francisco after he graduates in May. “Basically, we see it as an improvement on the Major League Baseball app, which is just a collection of links that takes you to a web browser, and mainly shares league news, not team news.”

The Business & Technology majors, who developed the app over the course of a year for their senior design project, are the perfect test customers for their own product. Walsh, Courter, Isaac and Rodgers are all die-hard Mets fans who regularly seek the information the app provides. While Crouch roots for the New York Yankees, they all encounter the same problem – they need to visit a number of sources to find all of the team information they are interested in.

Besides relying on their own experience, the students conducted a series of customer research surveys to understand what other potential users would want the app to do. Then they built the interface with POP, iPhone prototyping software which doesn’t require coding or programming.

Ultimately, they developed a business plan for the app which involves selling it directly to Major League Baseball or individual teams.

“The idea is to partner with a professional team so the app can share information from the primary source and give users an ‘exclusive’ feel,” said Courter, a member of the Stevens baseball team who has accepted a job at JPMorgan.

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