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Stevens Researcher Leading Seminar Series on Digital Trace Data

One of Stevens’ newest faculty members will be looking to extend the impact of his research and the School of Business to Sweden and beyond.

Dr. Aron Lindberg, who joined Stevens as an assistant professor of information systems in the fall, is the lead instructor on a 14-week seminar series focusing on the availability of digital trace data — evidence of online user activities such as hyperlinks, retweets or Twitter follows — and the tools available to analyze it. The ability to analyze such data is creating opportunities for more detailed social science research.

The Computational Qualitative Field Research seminar is intended primarily for scholars who have backgrounds in qualitative research, but are interested in taking advantage of digital trace data and computational analysis tools. The goals of the seminar are to provide an overview of sources of digital trace data and available analytical tools; to train participants in rigorous research, design and methods; and to initiate a number of computational-qualitative research projects.

A number of noteworthy faculty will lead modules during the seminar. Included among them is Dr. Ann Majczhrak, a highly regarded expert in digital innovation who has published more than 150 papers in peer-reviewed journals. She will join Stevens in the spring as the Dean’s Honorary Visiting Professor.

Information systems education and research is a crucial focal point at Stevens, where the School of Business offers an undergraduate major, master’s degree and Ph.D. concentration, in addition to the research centers for Business Process Innovation and Decision Technologies, both of which work in this space. Stevens faculty have been published in a number of top journals in this area, including Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly and the Journal of Association of Information Systems.

The Swedish Center for Digital Innovation is a research center consisting of scholars from Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg and Umeå University. It aspires to be a leader in digital innovation, both academically and from the standpoint of having a strong impact on society.

The seminar, which is entirely virtual, begins Jan. 22, 2016. To learn more, visit the SCDI program page for the seminar.