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Stevens Presents 2013 Employee Service, Recognition Awards

Stevens President Nariman Farvardin recognized the service and excellence of Stevens faculty and staff during the President’s Employee Recognition Reception ceremony in the Bissinger Room October 23.

In addition to the resumption of formal service recognition for employees who have been employed by Stevens in multiples of five-year increments, a new class of five honors was created this year in categories closely aligned with the Stevens Strategic Plan, The Future. Ours to Create.

President Farvardin began by speaking about his own personal experience of recognition, a prestigious award from the National Science Foundation at a young age that provided confidence, energy and validation during a critical early stage in his career.

"Not only did it give me confidence, but because of that confidence, I was able to raise the bar for myself," he said, adding that the honorees "are playing a great role in building a world-class university and serving future generations of our students."

President Farvardin then presented the new Employee Recognition awards. Honorees for these awards were nominated by the campus community in August and early September; members of the Employee Recognition Committee, a five-member committee appointed by President Farvardin and Provost George Korfiatis, then met and selected final honorees.

For the embodiment of "Student Centricity," Camilla Minervini in the Department of Mechanical Engineering was honored. Exemplifying "Excellence in All We Do," Laura Bubeck in the Office of Communications & Marketing and Nancy Webb in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science were each cited.

Supporting the objective of "Through Collaboration, Impact," David Fernandez in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Mercedes McKay in the Center for Innovation in Engineering & Science Education (CIESE) were each recognized.

Sheena Ramirez in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions was cited for service epitomizing "Technology at our Core." And for his commitment to "Strengthened Reputation [and] Increased Prestige," Athletic Director Russell Rogers was also honored.

President Farvardin also presented a Special Recognition Award to Dr. Edward Friedman, Emeritus Professor of Physics and former director of CIESE. Friedman, who joined the Stevens faculty in the 1963, was instrumental in Stevens' becoming the first U.S. institution to require students to purchase and use personal computers. He authored a groundbreaking journal article about university intranets in 1984 and was an early advocate of the Internet as a teaching tool, rather than a threat to teaching. He has also performed extensive travel and research abroad, working in international development and deployment of technology.

The President concluded by reading the names of service awardees marking service to Stevens in multiples of five years from five to 50 years. He thanked the awards committee, the work of the Office of Human Resources and those gathered at the event for recognizing the accomplishments of both the recognition and service award winners.