Stevens to offer fully-funded Doctoral Fellowship in Maritime Security

The Maritime Security Doctoral Fellowship is a three-year fellowship for high-potential, academically talented students interested in conducting cutting edge research and advanced academic study in the fields of Maritime and Homeland Security. The research-oriented fellowship program provides full tuition support, a monthly stipend and other paid fees for individuals of superior caliber who will make original contributions to the theory and practice in the field of Maritime Security.  The three-year accelerated Doctoral Fellowship is supported through funding by a Department of Homeland Security Career Development Grant (CDG).

The mission of the Fellowship program is to provide a strong foundation for solving critical national and global challenges in the maritime domain and Marine Transportation System (MTS) through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and scientific approaches.  

The recipient of the Fellowship award, will receive a PhD in Ocean Engineering.   To learn more about Stevens Ocean Engineering degree requirements, please visit the following weblink:

Program Objectives: It is the objective of Stevens Charles V. Schaefer Jr. School of Engineering and Science (SES), in which the fellowship will be hosted to educate the next generation of technology leaders who will have positive impact on U.S. and global Maritime and Homeland Security challenges through research and development of new maritime security technology applications, strategies for maritime resilience, and improved methods for emergency planning, preparedness, and response. 

To learn more about the Doctoral Fellowship program, please visit the following weblink: