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Stevens makes gains in Research Rankings at SSRN


In academia, a school’s reputation hinges significantly on the quality of research. In the past year the Howe School at Stevens Institute of Technology has made great stride in gaining more national attention for its outstanding research accomplishments, according to the latest rankings in Social Science Research Network.

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of social science research worldwide. It is the only site that ranks Business Schools on the basis of their research, and does so by measuring a number of criteria that relate to the amount of research produced and how quickly research is being used and applied in real-life. In year-to-year comparisons, the Howe School saw a marked jump in its rankings in most of the key measures at SSRN, including total new downloads (a measure of how often others are downloading the research), number of new papers submitted (a measure of research activity at a university in the last year) number of citations (a measure of how much others are citing the submitted research).

More specifically, the Howe School moved its ranking in all of these measures:

  • In total new downloads it moved up to 118 from 156
  • In number of new papers submitted it moved up to 22 from 247
  • In number of citations it moved up to 166 from rank 279