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Stevens Leaders Honored at Annual Awards Brunch

At the annual Student Leadership Awards Brunch on April 29, the Office of Student Life, the undergraduate Student Government Association and the Student Employment Office came together to recognize and honor student, faculty and staff leaders for their contributions to the Stevens community. The awards were based on nominations by faculty, administrators, staff members and students and reviewed by a committee.

“The Student Leadership Awards Brunch is truly a special one that the Office of Student Life is happy to host each year,” said Holly Nelson, Assistant Director of Student Life. “It’s a great opportunity to thank those students who lead throughout campus within their student organizations. and especially for those who go above and beyond.”

The Distinguished Leader Award is given to upperclassmen who have continually exhibited exemplary leadership on campus during their tenure by holding leadership positions in student groups and participating in activities (academic and co-curricular) that showcase their ability to be a positive role model to their peers. The 2012 recipients were Alecia Hart, Caroline Amaba, Chetali Mahajan, Melissa Wiegand, Nick Barresi, Shirley Hurtado and Adam Wing.

Eighteen students won the Emerging Leader Award, given to students who have recently starting taking on new leadership roles on campus and have demonstrated the ability to reach their full leadership potential through campus and community involvement. They were Allyson Outwater, Carolyn Brady, Danielle DeFeo, Ed Watt, Esteban Roldan, Gino Mazzarella, Hunter Edwards, Jonathan Drosos, Julian Gallo, Madeleine Velez, Manny Torres, Mike Wang, Natalia Kafel, Phong Lai, Rich Wismer, Ricky Prego, Sarah McDonald and Shane Arlington.

The Civic Engagement Award – for students who have shown commendable commitment to volunteering and are dedicated to sharing their time, resources and expertise with the goal of community success and improvement – went to Jorge Rivera Reyes, Juliet Turlaski and Harry Peck.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and The Stute won the Outstanding Student Organization Award for student organizations that have planned events and activities that are inviting, meaningful and beneficial to the entire campus community, driven by strong student leadership and commitment.

Three of Exceptional Student Employees were selected by the Student Employment Office for outstanding service. Yevgeniy Polunin was the Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year, Vladislava Boyar was the Federal Work Study Employee of the Year, and Girish Keshav was the Graduate Student Employee of the Year. 

Finally, the Student Government Association recognized the extraordinary leadership of faculty, staff and administrators with a number of awards. The 2012 winners were: Ron Besser as Outstanding Teaching Faculty; Joseph Glavy as Outstanding Faculty Mentor; Tao Chen as Outstanding Teaching Assistant; Steven Couras and Kristie Damell as Outstanding Advisors of Student Organizations; Wilhelm Colon for Outstanding Community Involvement; Henry Dobbelaar for Exemplary Leadership; and Tim Griffin for Outstanding Campus Impact.

Congratulations to the 2012 winners!