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Stevens Interns Explore Frontiers of Science at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Stevens’ 2012 Internship Employer of the Year

This summer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory – a nationally-renowned institution which applies advanced technology to problems critical to national security – welcomed six Stevens students into its prestigious summer research program.

In recognition of the organization’s special efforts in supporting the Stevens community, MIT Lincoln Laboratory accepted the 2012 Internship Employer of the Year Award from the Stevens Office of Career Development at a special luncheon on Oct. 3, 2012 preceding Stevens Class of 2013 Career Fair.

“Recruitment into the MIT Lincoln Laboratory summer research program is highly competitive,” said Stevens Director of Career Development Lynn Insley. “We are pleased and honored to have so many Stevens students selected to participate in its research activities. The staff’s dedication to educating the next generation of engineers and scientists by making these opportunities available is really incredible.”

“MIT Lincoln Laboratory made recruitment of Stevens students a priority,” added Stevens Assistant Director of Career Development Karen Dilsizian. “Our collaboration is instrumental in developing the engineering talent to lead innovation and scientific discovery in the future.”

This year’s MIT Lincoln Laboratory summer research program interns included science and engineering undergraduate and graduate students Adith Subramanian, Katelyn Kasperowicz, Jennifer Heffernan, Dylan Hutchison, Christopher Flynn and Thomas Parisi. The students each gained hands-on research experience as they worked in cross-disciplinary collaboration to develop working prototypes of complex systems. 

The students’ research spanned the scientific spectrum, with projects in the areas of communications, space surveillance, advanced electronics, air and missile defense, cybersecurity, integrated sensing and decision support, and homeland protection.

Hutchison, a Computer Engineering major, worked in parallel and distributed computing. His first project involved further integrating the Accumulo distributed database with D4M, a Matlab toolkit in development at the lab offering linear algebra and graph theory capabilities through associative arrays.

“The project required both high level pipeline design and low level programming across multiple languages,” said Hutchison. “The applications embark on unexplored territory and have real-world meaning. I cannot overstate my gratitude for the opportunity to learn on computer science’s frontier.”

In addition to professional and technical training, the students had the opportunity to interface with national experts in numerous fields of research, work with state-of-the-art equipment on real-world technical applications, and enjoy group extracurricular activities such as sailing and hiking.

“My biggest takeaway was learning how a federally funded applied research laboratory operates and experiencing the flow of real research and development,” Hutchison said.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Human Resources Representative Raymond Domingo, who accepted the Internship Employer of the Year award, praised Stevens for supplying his organization with passionate and knowledgeable talent.

“The interns who come to us from Stevens are extremely well-prepared and fully understand the mission of MIT Lincoln Laboratory,” Domingo said. “They are very eager and genuinely love the research that goes on. These are very attractive qualities that we see in these students.”

Alexander Divinsky, associate staff member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and a Stevens Class of 2011 alumnus, said Stevens students’ technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities are what set them apart in the workforce. His team worked closely with a number of the Stevens interns this summer.

“The engineering education Stevens students receive is very broad, with students taking many courses outside of their own domain which are nevertheless highly relevant,” Divinsky said. “As a result, they are able to use their analytical skills to solve problems quickly and effectively, when the connection between disciplines might not be immediately clear to others.” 

Domingo and Divinsky were also part of a recruiting team which informed graduating Stevens students about upcoming full-time employment opportunities at MIT Lincoln Laboratory at the Class of 2013 Career Fair, an annual event.