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Stevens Institute of Technology to Host Conference on Competitive Advantage in the Era of Big Data

Hoboken, N.J. – Corporations large and small are investing heavily in the “big data” revolution, using advanced computer science, statistics and economics advances to enable more informed decision-making in almost every aspect of operations.

Stevens Institute of Technology’s Howe School of Technology Management, a leader in business intelligence and analytics education, is hosting a conference on June 19, 2013 to explore how data has become the new basis of competition in business.

The 2013 Howe School Alliance for Technology Management (HSATM) Conference, “Competitive Advantage in the Era of Big Data,” will examine how the big data revolution, which drives new insights from massive amounts of data, will transform how organizations are managed, how they innovate and how they compete. Designed for executives, managers and professionals working in R&D, marketing, business development, project management, technology and human resources, the conference will deliver new knowledge in the field with clear and immediate practical applications.

Four distinguished speakers will cover a range of timely and relevant topics, and an expert panel with two more expert speakers will conclude the day-long event.

Dr. Brenda Dietrich, IBM Fellow and Vice President and CTO for Business Analytics at IBM, will discuss how and why businesses are using analytics, including trends in data availability, examples of promising business models arising in the data economy, and the results of an IBM survey on the usage of big data. She’ll also discuss the role of algorithms and computing in distilling patterns, trends and recommendations from the data, and the growing role for analytics experts in the business of extracting value from data.

Dr. David Belanger, Senior Research Fellow at the Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens and former Chief Scientist at AT&T Laboratories, will explore tools, technologies and innovations available to trained data professionals and others that are emerging in the big data arena, enabling real-time and predictive analysis and making the benefits of big data accessible to a wider audience.

Dr. Manoj Chari, Senior R&D Director for Operations Research in the Advanced Analytics R&D Division of SAS Institute, will discuss best practices in deriving insight with real business value from data through advance analytics solutions and applications.

Susan Okin Goldsmith, Esq., Partner and Chair of the Technology Transactions Practice at SorinRand LLP, will share legal concerns in the application of big data, including laws surrounding collection, use and disclosure of data, and other privacy protections and disclosure regulations.

All four speakers will join Mahesh Harvu, an advisory board member for the Business Intelligence & Analytics program at Stevens, and Joe McKendrick, an author and researcher on information technology trends, in a panel discussion about the potential pitfalls in the application of big data, and recommendations to overcome them.

The Howe School Alliance for Technology Management (HSATM) is an informal alliance of business and government organizations led by the Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens designed to drive best practices in technology management for strategic advantage through annual conferences, bimonthly Roundtable meetings, periodic workshops, and research publications. The 2013 HSATM conference is the 22nd annual conference conducted by the HSATM.

The 2013 HSATM conference will take place on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the Babbio Center at Stevens. The event is free to Stevens alumni, faculty, staff and students and all HSATM partner employees.

Please visit the registration page to RSVP. Remote access is also available to those who cannot attend in person.

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