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Stevens Idea Initiative

The Stevens Idea Initiative, an ideation campaign to expedite and implement the ideas of students, faculty, and staff on how to improve the overall experience at the University, launched November 1. Right out of the gate, the response was overwhelming, and as the campaign winds down – the last day to submit ideas is December 10 – Kyle Yandell (’11), member of the Student Faculty Alliance, shared some initial results.

To-date, the Stevens Idea Initiative has seen impressive utilization statistics.  Within just under three weeks of campaign launch, there were almost 800 users in the student market alone – a staggering number given our undergraduate population.  At that same point, the software had collected 170 ideas, the large majority of which may have gone unnoticed without .  Perhaps even more significant, the site hosted significant discussions about campus issues with more than 1,100 comments made.  A large majority of those comments and ideas were submitted by students who do not currently hold active or leadership roles in organizations on campus.  The Idea Initiative truly is providing a forum for all students to take their ideas, suggestions, and comments straight to the top. 

“One of my favorite aspects of the software, and one that I would think may be of interest to other educational institutions who may consider investing in it, is that the Idea Initiative has been almost entirely implemented and maintained by students,” Kyle explained. “Everything from the promotion of the site to the moderation of the community is handled by members of the student body who have taken on the responsibility.  It seems that students are aware of the enormous opportunity this system provides.  The general acceptance and usage of the system have indicated that Stevens students are truly interested in making positive changes to their school.

For more information about the Idea Initiative, please visit: /news/content/id8-systems